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Köster & Hocker
Belle La Donna
toi et moi
Björn Heuser
Naturally 7
Zöller & Konsorten
And Then She Came
The Legion Ghost
Hanna Michalowicz
Jenny & The Mexicats
Vetusta Morla
Fug & Janina
Lucie Licht
Nik West

Pr & music services


Management for artists

We are committed to the care and advice of our artists and rely on years of experience and industry-specific contacts. Our artist management at public republic is focused on developing, promoting and actively shaping the artistic careers of our musicians.

Our goal is the individual support and conception of music and media professionals.


PR and CD- & Concert promotion

We offer our artists and individual and tailored to their needs press work and promotion in the fields of Social Media, TV, print, online and radio. Thanks to years of cultivating contacts in our distributors, numerous music and lifestyle editors. Each press mailing is followed by a personal follow up by phone.


Synchronization Rights

We’re sure to find the right music for your commercial, film, trailer, video game, TV show, or any other project that requires that perfect song. We offer for the perfect title for your project up to it´s right clearance.


Covering, copying and editing

Covering, copying and editing music rights are often complicated and inscrutable. Ask us what you should consider from a legal point of view if you want to cover songs, sample, edit or copy music. We can help and, if necessary, clarify the rights with the appropriate rights holders