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About public republic

public republic is an owner-managed agency for PR, music and management.

Contacts are our strength! We have worked on assembling an extensive press distribution list which we have nourished and extended over the years. Furthermore, we are steadily in contact with a large network of television professionals, TV broadcasters, the music business, media companies and journalists.

About Katrin Grulich

Katrin Grulich worked a long time in music marketing before she decided to take on the field of public relations in a closer manner. This led to her becoming a PR consultant for media, fashion & lifestyle. Having obtained a degree in Business with main emphasis in marketing, she provides, supports and advises our customers with in-depth expertise in all activities related to public relations.

She maintains a loyal customer base and sustainable relationships with key media influencers. This is definitely an asset that can enrich your company's efficiency. She is also involved in the daily business operations of each customer. Through her direct and open communication skills, she is able to effortlessly transmit context that requires explanation, by getting straight to the point.


Luis Beuttner
Junior Social Media Manager
Irene Lunstroth

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